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i havent seen my phone since last night. That probably means that i lost it at the theatre. I called to see if they found anything but they have not. meaning it is LONG GONE. and that isnt great news at all! argalsfjas;fjas;lfjas;fjas;lfkjasfaskdf.

I went and saw meet the robinsons last night...ahhh cute. very cute! I really didnt think it was that funny...all the jokes were old. but the story was so cute! i loved the end the most. 

I also just finished the prestige. thats a crazy movie.

and i watched happy feet... I dont get it. It didnt make any sense to me..but then again i was only half watching it. I'll try again some day.

Evie did something to her leg today. She was playing with the boys down the street and a pile of wood fell on her. I went to go get her and i had to carry her home. She said he leg was "tingly". and that doesnt sound good. It happened a few hours ago and she still cant walk on it. she's been crying on and off and shes really just miserable. :( she's going into the doctor probably tomorrow. 

Oooh I'm ready!

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I love service. 
I also love it when it goes uncredited (and im not even being sarcastic)

I love people.
and i love chocolate.

and tonight, i love taffy. I ate probably 15-20 pieces of salt water taffy tonight. 
It's okay. i'll just burn it tomorrow. 

and i love contentment. 
I love it when people lead ordinary lives and are totally content with it. It's beautiful.

I love my parents. 
They work hard.

I love y-o-u most likely, too. 


No such thing as content. Cliche Livejournal post, anyone?

Life is pretty good right now...but in a bitter sweet...sort balance kind of way. 
I cant describe it.
Can anyone else feel it?
Maybe its because massive changes are on the horizon for me right now..and im just nervous.

You know...this is a good age. Because everyone is having huge changes and life altering experiences..and its so cool to watch! I hope this time of shifting never stops. 
Settling down seems so...boring.

I think im finally going to quit Starbucks and work somewhere without food of any sort. 
I hate food.
I think i want to work at Hallmark for a few months. I think it'd be fun!(am i Alysha??)

...Marianna Wilsons mom read my livejournal. Hahahahha. and i guess she read it and told marianna that I'm dating cody stitch?! HAHAHAA. oh no. Oh no no no. Let's all give a big shout out to Mariannas mom!  Hello!

I really hope Chicago pulls through. I think it'd be so much fun! 2 weeks of complete devotion to an awesome show and good friends? I think yes.

I want to see everyone. I'm all done hiding from the world. 
Sunshine and roses!

I do like change. I dont fear it. 
But's scary, you know?


The bums on Capitol hill like me so so much!

"Shes a blonde"

Now its 

"Ohho! Laguna beach!"

too funny.  thats what i get for making myself fancy for a night! 

AAAAhhh so much laughing!! I havent laughed that much in forever! Spilling gas everywhere (and on our shoes), Getting a little lost, fancy dresses, the grill, peeing, Sean our waiter who is now my email buddy and future cali friend, Laguna Beach, Creepy Russian, Laser show, free dessert! lots of rain.
yay Karee and Sarah!